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Intercultural issues

I am happy to offer you my support in conflicts in binational marriages and partnerships and cross-border matters: as a counselling lawyer, as a mediator, as a collaborative lawyer. I can also conduct out-of-court cross-border cases (the spouses/partners/parents live in different countries) with foreign lawyer colleagues. I have a broad network of lawyers in Europe […]

Non-marital partnerships

Nothing is regulated by law as little as non-marital cohabitation. When dissolving such a community, you can get much different information from different lawyers. The law of simple partnership, labour law, contract law, sometimes even marriage law by analogy is consulted. Depending on which legal provisions are consulted, a completely different result emerges. And a […]

Marriage and partnership contracts

It may be unromantic for one or the other. However, as a lawyer, I recommend that you use the possibility of marriage and partnership contracts. Difficult issues can be settled much more easily if you understand each other well. Besides, dealing substantively with personally unpleasant but necessary issues that do not fit the “cloud nine” […]


Since the introduction of the new child maintenance law in 2017, much has changed in case law and practice. The principle remains that illegitimate children should be “treated” the same as legitimate children. In principle, a mother is to be enabled to care for her young child herself, whether or not she was married to […]

Divorce/dissolution of registered partnerships

Civil unions today do not necessarily last a lifetime. Divorce, which was a social stigma just a few decades ago, is now considered almost normal. However, the end of a marriage or partnership does not always mean ending any relationship with the former partner/spouse. Joint children or jointly created assets are long, sometimes lifelong ties […]


Separation from a partner is an excruciating process. Studies have shown that the process of detachment is comparable to the death of a partner or family member. Your mental state will not always be good. You will be emotional and make spontaneous (and not always the best) decisions. In this situation, the best decision is […]