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Legal representation

As a rule, we try to avoid conflicts or settle them amicably. Where this does not succeed, I will stand by you as your legal representative. A lack of agreement or court proceedings does not necessarily mean that you will find yourself in a “war of the roses”. Even in court and with the support […]

CLP (Collaborative Law & Practice)

Technically complex issues cannot always be dealt with by the conflict parties alone. A mediator who has to be abstinent in terms of content so that she is perceived as neutral by all conflict parties can usually no longer absorb this. External lawyers cannot understand the developments that the parties and their conflict experienced during […]

Short-term mediation

In suitable cases, I offer the possibility of dealing with a concrete and limited conflict within a single session and within a pre-determined time. Short-term mediation requires careful preparation of the – single – session by the mediator and the mediators. The mediator strictly structures the session. The content is determined by the mediators – […]


Where a previously well-functioning communication has faltered, and the kitchen table becomes a wall instead of a “round table”, a “translation” is often all that is needed to be able to “hear” the concerns of the other side again. With my professional support, you structure your conflict points that need to be settled, define a […]

Legal counselling

The best way to get information is to give information. The Italian statesman Niccolo Macchiavelli describes in principle what is one of the essential factors in the lawyer-client business relationship, along with mutual trust: Information. A lawyer can only work well if his/her client gives him all the essential information. And a client can only […]